Our New Friend

New picures are up for another ride on the Nipmuck trail. Their in the same spot as before (nipmuck link on right), at the end of the list. We met this guy torwards the end of the ride and he decided to follow us. He's getting dropped off at the shelter today to try and find his home. No tags of course, he followed some other people before us too, so we had no idea where he started.


Anonymous said…
cute little feller aint he
Anonymous said…
reminds me of the malamute that strolled into our house the other day like he lived there. The cat was immediately 20 feet up in a tree
Anonymous said…
That dog smelled horrible too. Your house stank for awhile.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a siberian husky. Get a few more of them and you can have a sled team and enter the Idiot-a-rod. Then you wouldn't have to tire yourself out snowboarding.FFFFFFFFFFFFFF&ZZZZZZZZ

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