So this was really weird. I had my window open and I was in bed reading when I heard a strange rustle like the wind on the blinds. And I looked up and this bat was doing laps around my room. I tried to catch it with a hat for a little while, but it wasn't happening. so I waited and it eventually stopped and "perched" in my closet. I put some gloves on and grabbed the little guy.

For being the size of a mouse he had some serious teeth. I could see why people are afraid of them. So he freaked out a bit making these weird squeaking like noises and then he settled down and hung on my hand like you can see on the last picture. He hung there for a few seconds with my hand ouside the window before he came to his senses, crawled to the top of my hand and flew off. So I guess that is why you don't take the screen off of your window..


Anonymous said…
That is interesting. Once again, no one seems to like to make comments. . . . Oh, and don't use dot 5.1 in Hayes El Camino brakes. It won't work.
Anonymous said…
Der Fleitermaus---ZZZZZZZZZ

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