Registered for the big race today, starts tomorrow at 6am, if all goes well I should be done before 4PM. 4,500 meters of uphill makes for about 15,000 feet of climbing in about 80 miles. I'm scared. Really scared.


Anonymous said…
Dude, you'll do fine. Jesse and I are reading this before we go to dinner with the koko's. We are rooting for our favorite bike racer. I think this is a good way to see how you rate with the rest of the world. You should be in good shape and have a good bike. Go fer it.
Anonymous said…
you should just give up and go to the brewery tomorrow. PS. Leipheimer is leading the tour of germany right now. go Butte!
Anonymous said…
don't be a pansy, I could do that on a track bike with slicks
Anonymous said…
The race got called off after 7 and a half hours due to a storm rolling in. I was at the second to last checkpoint, with 30km and 3000 more feet of vert to go. As it was, I passed hundreds and hundreds of people and found myself somewhere in the top third or quarter of the people there I think. I passed Tinker Juarez like he was standing still about half way throuh (he was getting his bike fixed, standing still) Then he blasted by me like I wasn't moving.
It was a cool experience, lots of little villages with kids handing out banana halfs and bottles of water and ice tea, all the roads were closed down. I think i read that the race has thousands of volunteers.
The weather was real nice for riding until the afternoon, mostly cloudy with a bit of sun here and there. The course was a lot of fire road and some real nice sections of singletrack, and nice views of swiss valleys.
Strangely enough, out of the 1400 or so competiters I ran into one of the other 5 or so americans who happened to be from Missoula. He was a good guy, we hung out drining hot vegitable boullion after the race was called off waiting for the bus back to Verbier.
Thats enough for now
Anonymous said…
352 out of 562 people who were still riding when they called the race. I'll take it.

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