So my luggage got left in Atlanta last night. Seriously, what is it with flying that made it suck so much all of a sudden?

I get lost luggage and bike damage on the trip there, then lost luggage on the way back. Not to mention delays and staying in Minneapolis over night on the trip there. My layover in salt lake on the way back was actually -5 minutes due to a late flight from Missoula because the stupid president came into the salt lake airport. Luckily the connecting flight was also delayed so I just barely made it. I need a learjet and a pilots license, enough of this crap..


jesse parker said…
And they stole your big book of CD's John!!! I want to kill someone..
Anonymous said…
They stole my CD's? after you stole them?

At least they are mostly burned
jesse parker said…
I'm filing a "pilfered item claim", whatever that means. Funny, at the bottom of the thing you sign a thing that specifically says any money delta gives you is just a "courtesy" and doesn't imply their guilt..

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