Italian Riviera


Anonymous said…
Just got back into Chamonix a day ago. In the last two weeks I went to Lyon, Nice, Cinque Terre, Milan, Venice Nuremburg and Munich. Had great weather until the last day in Munich. Met some cool people and did a couple of nice bike rides.
Lyon and Nice were nice but expensive. Cinque terre was very beautiful (thats where the picture is from) I ran into a bunch of other travelers and we had a good time. From there I went to Milan and visited Gianni, an italian client of 1050. Saw the sites and ate a lot of gelato (delicious Italian ice cream) Had a nice italian dinner with the rest of the italians we guided that night. Went to Venice the next day, it was a really cool city but i was lost most the time trying to find my way through it. Spent the next night in the Verona train station waiting for a five am train.
Anonymous said…
That train went to Nuremburg in Germany. Once there I watched the finals of the Red Bull District Ride, a crazy bike competition with people jumping off of castle walls and stuff like that. Went on a bike ride the next day with a local guy named Martin in the surrounding hills. Had a typical bavarian dinner that night, roast pig shoulder with gravy and potato dumpling. Went to munich the next day. the weather got a bit nasty at that point. Wandered around munich the next day, checked out the oktoberfest for a little while. It was an amazing spectacle, thousands of people in enourmous tents drinking one liter steins of beer. From there it was back home. . . tomorrow i am going to Amsterdam for a couple of days and then back to montana.

Pictures up on my site by the time you read this.
Anonymous said…
Webshots doesn't want to upload them. It might not be till I get home that they are posted.

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