Went Biking at Wompatuck state reservation in Massachusetts, just below Boston.

Wompatuck State Park was originally created to house a World War II munitions depot. Farm and forest lands in the towns of Hingham and Cohasset were bought up by the Government and the existing residents were displaced.

The door to this bunker is about 12 feet tall and really solid feeling iron. It's in a ditch type thing so that if the bunker blows, the door hits the opposite bank (also a concrete wall) and the fire goes up and out. They all had cool graffiti on them too. Funny, there were also a inordinate number of fire hydrants... I guess a fire in a munition depot is a bad thing... I think this was my favorite ride in New England so far, have to go back sometime soon. Good thing the weathers still warm enough and there isn't any of that pesky snow in the way...
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Anonymous said…
there is a bike trail in the St. Louis area that is an old munitions depot but it sucks
Anonymous said…
I guess its not a bike deal if a few bikers get blown up
Anonymous said…
did you jump off that ledge? 'cause that flat concrete landing looks sweet.
jesse parker said…
I'm too old for that crap, JP2... Or is it the fear that my fork will explode oil all over my brake rotor/caliper if I do?

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