Put up some new pictures from past weekend in RI.. I went riding at a place called Arcadia Management Area.. It's really nice, and really big, considering how small Rhode Island is. Southern RI is quite rural, with lots of beef cattle in big fields and old farmhouses and such.. Enjoy.

Left, is one of the wider parts of the trail, and right is the track I took. Last Weekend is in red, and a few weeks ago is in pink. I've barely scratched the surface though, it's much larger than what you see on the map here. Funny, all the riding in MT goes into the woods and back out.. You can go in as far as you want before you turn around and come out.. Here, you can go through the woods and come out the other side.. Alright enough stupidity.. to the pictures.


Ian said…
Thats a lot of snow.
Unknown said…
neat. The weather looks nice.
Rob & Sarah said…
i read about arcadia in national geographic. it looks like a pretty cool place.
jesse parker said…
'tis really cool.. There are a few ponds, one with cliffs I've yet to find..

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