Disassembling an Ipod...

In case anyone wondered what was insie an Ipod, I took mine apart to replace the battery. First you pry the case apart as shown below: Then you pull the back apart, and fold the hard drive out (blue). the battery is the black thing on the top right of the main body.
Mine has a Toshiba hard drive in it.. I think they all have Toshiba's The blue stuff is some sort of rubber damping pad, and has a thin metal plate for some reason..
Then you replace the battery, put the drive back on top, and snap it back together.... It's a tight fit, but I guess that's why it doesn't rattle and stuff.

So there you go... exciting huh? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said…
Mine only starts up and plays music about 80% of the time right now. The other 20% of the time, the hard drive makes this noise kind of like ball bearings made out of sand instead of steel that are trying to spin at high RPM's in a tiny hard drive. Can you do a special on replacing tiny Toshiba hard drives?
jesse parker said…
step one: Drop on ground

step two: Pick up pieces and put back together

step three: Hope it works

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