Outside for a break..

A few pictures from todays ride. I had a final last night and it went quite well, might even pull off an A in the class. So I spent first three hours of the day on my bike today.. Great weather, and empty trails. Things aren't really that bad sometimes.

Tall Photo showing some off camber roots.. Screw this up and you're in the Fenton River.

These ridgelines were cut by glaciers. They have a cool name, but I forget what it was..

Notice how the crank is under water.. The mud was much deeper than it looked. I rode into it, sunk, and jumped off the bike as it stayed stuck.

Some more rooty riverside trails. This trail spends most of it's time right by the river.. Pretty nice if you ask me. Saw a fisherman and didn't have the heart to tell him UConn drained the river last year for drinking water and killed all the fish. Posted by Picasa


Unknown said…
Once again, it's raining on sunday and was beautiful all week. . . that is four in a row.
Rob & Sarah said…
It was 80 on Sat. though. Parked the bike and went rafting.

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