Torturing Fiberglas

I spent most of Saturday breaking around forty of these little guys by twisting and pulling on them with a big machine known as the In Plane Loader or IPL. It grabs both end of these pieces and does whatever sick combination of pulling, sliding sideways and rotating we tell it to. We hope to take the data from these tests to develop a model that can help predict failure in a complex composite structure.

Or something like that.

It was in the mid seventies and sunny on Saturday when I was inside all day running tests, and mid thirties and raining/snowing today when I had the day off. Go figure.


Rob & Sarah said…
You should have come out to Missoula. It was relatively nice this weekend. A bit windy on Sunday. Plus I went on a ride up Ravine trail. And it was fun.
Anonymous said…
that's what life is like dude. JP 6 7/8
Unknown said…
I actually considered driving out to missoula just for the day on Sunday. JP 6 7/8 at least I made up for it on Sunday with a ride in nice weather.
Unknown said…
I mean made up for it on Tuesday. My brain doesn't work after my final this morning.
Anonymous said…
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