Arcadia Management Area, RI

Well, school is out, and it was a good weekend to play out side. So sunday was bike ride day.
My friend Pete and I went on a nice long ride yesterday in RI. Good weather, and no crashes.. Aracadia has alot of interesting old stuff. Rock walls, abandoned roads, and cemetarys where the newest gravestones are over 100 years old.. Some of the more weathered ones are probably at least twice that.
I didn't actually make it across this, grabbed the little tree to my left in the beginning. But you didn't know that right?

Cool old roadhouse/shelter. There used to be an old rode going through the area, maybe this was a sort of rest stop.
Pete very happy he just has two wet feet, and not one wet Pete.. Damn that was funny.
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Matt said…
looks cool man! I need to dust off the old ride and get the heck outside... its been bee-you-tea-ful outside lately
Matt said…
oh and btw, did you know theres a new Tool album out? Its pretty sweet, I picked it up and its got some cool tool-esque images and artwork in it
jesse parker said…
Yeah, I uh.. "found" it on the internet yesterday. Good stuff.. The front cover looks pretty cool.

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