Bouldering in Lincoln Woods, RI

So the day started out like any other trip into the woods in New England.... We got lost.After that, we found some nice rocks and I immediately ripped a hole in the palm of my hand...
A quick trip to the car for some first aid and I was as good as new. Back to the rocks for some nice bouldering. There were a bunch of problems, and it was fun.. Neither of us lasted very long though, havn't climbed in almost a year.

Pretty sweet graffiti on the rocks too. One of the problems we looked out had broken bottles on the ground below it.. Decided it wasn't such a good idea considering out current luck.
Apparently, this is the Dam Wall.
Ended with Spikes Junkyard Dogs.. This one had chedder and bacon. (chedder is white around here) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said…
Why didn't you take a picture of my hotdog?

PS...not only is it white, but cheddar is also spelled with an "ar"
Anonymous said…
I guess engineers don't have to know how to spell as long as there's teachers to correct them.
JP 6 7/8
Anonymous said…
...and it's "road", not "rode."

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