Finally moved in, my new adress is:

34 Hunting Lodge Road
Storrs, CT 06268

Here is a few pictures of the house, I'll add more later, my room is a giant mess right now, so I'll wait until things are a little more orginized.

Living room, it has another couch in it now, and a bigger coffee table. The skylites are really nice, there is a big bay window on the left too, so There is alot of natural light.

The backyard, this is the view from the corner, there is more of it over the hill that you can't see. Sweet hi-ten power lines too.. Posted by Picasa


jesse parker said…
So.. you know.. send me care packages and stuff..
Anonymous said…
You ate so much this weekend we don't have anything to make a care package of. JP 6 7/8
Unknown said…
I'll send you a box of rocks if you pay shipping
jesse parker said…
how about coal?
Anonymous said…
Send a truck, I have plenty of your stuff. JP 3.141576
Anonymous said…
Hey; I just found a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my winter work jacket. I'll send it soon. JP 6 7/8ths.

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