Movin' out, Movin' up

Checked out of Derby 304 today, nice to get out of that hole. I'm moving into a nice house next to campus. The only problem is we can't move in for another two weeks, so I'm currently "in between domiciles" as the homeless call it. Staying at Kara's and Pete's until we can move in to the new place. Should be nice, has a huge yard and borders a forest. I dropped some stuff of in the garage and snapped a few pictures of the outside. It's pretty nice I tell ya'

No comment needed..


Front yard

Backyard, pretty big huh? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said…
Wow! I'm impressed. JP 6 7/8
Anonymous said…
You could make a nice bike trail in that yard. JP 1.76
Anonymous said…
You could have such big fires in that yard

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