Mount Moran

So Ian, Marshall and myself went on a bit of an adventure on Sunday. Mount Moran is one of the tallest mountains in the Tetons at 12,600 feet. It started with a canoe trip across the lake from the photos, then a hike up to the snow line. We arrived there at midnight and took a quick nap before getting up at 2. Then it was 5 solid hours of hiking with some fooling around in between to get to the summit at 8:00. In case anyone is wondering why in the hell you would hike so early it is because the sun hasn't softened the snow up and the risk of wet avalanches is much smaller. Then it was a full hour of skiing/snowboarding to get back down to the base. Then more hiking, canoeing and finally sleeping.

Trip report here


jesse parker said…
Cool stuff guys...

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