The Trip That Wasn't

The plan was for a nice trip up to Mt. Snow in Vermont. Eric had some vouchers, so we had free passes to ride the lift for the day. We packed up and headed north.

Rain met us somewhere in Massachusetts but it was only intermittent wiper territory, so we pressed on.

We get there, and the rain is basically gone, trails are a bit muddy, but no big deal. Things seem to be alright.

Then half way down the hill I accidentially go off a drop onto a pile of rocks and pull my bead off my rim on my back tire. The tires are tubeless, so all the air starts coming out. I coast into the woods to fix it. No big deal...

Then the thunder crackles.

By the time we are out of the woods, it's raining harder than I think it ever rains in Montana, and the really rooty, rocky steep sections of the trail are ahead.

We make it down the rest of the run without any carnage, and retire to the podium tent (Mt. Snow holds a NORBA National race each year). We wait, and wait, and finally get the word that they aren't reopenning. So we get ticket vouchers (we only got one run in) and go home.

A little hitchiker my bike picked up on the way home.

Total ridden distance: 1.5 miles plus a few laps on the practice track at the bottom.


Anonymous said…
Is he putting on yellow tinted sunglasses to make the weather look nicer?
jesse parker said…
I suppose I am.. it helps too..

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