Another nice ride at Case

The weather was perfect today, so I stopped at Case after dropping Pete off at the airport (he's going to Truckee CA for two weeks) I was solo this time, so I took some video and put it together. I had to restart my computer twice, and restart Windows Movie Maker after every edit. I think somethings wrong with my computer, it's usually a hotrod. But the final result is, uh, ok.. No more of that though, I need to stop when things get to be as much of a pain in the ass as that was. More pictures in the Case Mountain album from yesterday.

I wasn't about to redo the second climb in the video because of some stupid jogger, it was my fourth time up in a row and I was tired. So deal with it.


Anonymous said…
Wow!That's nifty. JP 6 7/8
Ian said…
with your digi cam? Nice. Almost makes me want to move to CT.
jesse parker said…
It looks better not on youtube.

Ian, i'm not gonna lie to you. The biking here is pretty damn good.
Anonymous said…
Wicked good video.
Anonymous said…
J Man:

Looks like some good video. That looks like one hell of a turn too. Best turn ever maybe?

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