stupid Kleenex

kimberly-clark.jpg Last month, we wrote about a report that Greenpeace published in an effort to expose Kimberly-Clark for using wood fiber from British Columbia’s coastal temperate rainforests and US federal forest lands in its products. Since then, both Greenpeace and the Natural Resources Defense Council have continued a campaign to encourage the tissue company to use recycled fiber and pulp from sustainable logging operations. According to Greenpeace, Kimberly-Clark, the world’s largest manufacturer of tissue products, used 3.1 million metric tonnes of pulp from forests in 2005. Much of this pulp was harvested from ancient forests including the great northern Boreal forest. The campaign has not yet succeeded in forcing the company to adopt new sourcing practices. However, the attention generated led 650 businesses to announce (through an advertisement in the New York Times) their collective refusal to use Kimberly-Clark paper products. We strongly urge our readers to stop using these products and to encourage friends and businesses to do the same. To find out which paper products we recommend click here.


karanoelle said…
I always thought Kleenex felt just a little better on my runny nose. Now i know why - Boreal forest pulp. That's the good stuff.

But I get the idea - boycott Kleenex. I'll use John's shirt sleeve too.

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