New and Improved

New blog, dudes.. I still need to add links again and some other stuff, but I'm almost there.


  1. Comments: on main page, or link with number of comments only
  2. Photos: Who's, and which ones
  3. Logo: Is it showing up for everone.. (should be in top right corner down here)

I designed it for firefox, so if it looks ugly or doesn't work with internet explorer, get firefox. It's a better browswer anyways.

Get Firefox NOW!

or put up with crappy formatting


karanoelle said…
Jesse,keep comments on the main page - that is what makes the page even more interesting. And you know my opinion on the photos.
jesse parker said…
That's sorta what I thought, I need to reformat them before I make them show up.. Photos: Me, John, Nate, Rob... ???
Unknown said…
make the title photo bigger if you want me to make some new ones. I like the rest.

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