This Weekend

Went to Ski Sundown for a Brewers festival in cental connecticut. Here's a few pictures from the trip:

Did that sign say Satans Kingdom?

It did!

We camped at Peoples State forest, which was a gift to Connecticut by the Americin Legion as a demonstration of good forest management.. Rellly pretty: misty and green.

good beer out of a little mug:

There was a raffle, and out of all the people there, I won a bike!

We packed the bike into the back of the car and went back to camp, only to struggle with a campfire for a couple of hours and eventually give up and fashioned a lantern out of a plastic bag and a headlamp.

Worked pretty well actually.

Then we went for a couple of hikes on Sunday, running into a bunch of cool little critters.

Some sort of tiny frog

Red Backed Salamander (even though one of them isn't red, it's the same species)

And my favorite, the Red Spotted Newt:

This was actually after we got home, it was waiting for the guy fishing to get out of it's fishing hole.. As soon as the guy left, it swooped down and took over.. It was waiting it's turn.

And a nice sunset:


Unknown said…
you should send me one of those newts. for soup.
jesse parker said…
you know the Japanese eat salamander sushi.. Sounds pretty bad to me.. Unless you put a whole lot of wasabi on it..
Anonymous said…
is that newt sewp or noot soop or newt chowder

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