It snowed again at Bridger Bowl. First time in a while, and it just so happened that I had modified my schedule so that I didn't have to come in at all on Thursday if I didn't want to. I didn't want to this Thursday.

The really cold weather (-45 wind chill!) made having a beard an experiment in growing icicles. They connected to my chin at one point.

Did some ridge-hikes with Ian and some other friends. It was ankle to waist deep snow, kind of what I remember Bridger being like a few years ago when the snow fall was consistent. This season has had the smallest amount of snowfall I've ever seen at Bridger (7 years). Stupid el nino.

It's good now though, going to go skiing in the Bridgers tomorrow, not at the ski area since my pass is midweek only. Maybe getting towed on a snowmobile somewhere.


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