I think we skipped straight to summer, it was 70 and wicked sunny today and 65 yesterday. I went on two rides in the last two days: Mt. Tom In Mass yesterday afternoon, and Penwoods State Park in CT today.

I had something I don't normally have today, light. Pictures without blur, weird huh? I saw a wild turkey, bunch of squirrels and chipmunks, some crows and various LBBs. (little brown birds)

This one is actually three pictures combined to show a better dynamic range. Yes I am a dork, but that was also a sweet spot to watch the sun set. This was the only picture from Mt. Tom I took. All of these and more can be found here.

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Vroom! Real dirt is fun to turn on. I think this trail may be my favorite in CT now, it had very few people (3 groups in 3 hours) and really nice trails.. Oh, and constant climbing.. 3420 feet of climbing in 3 hours. Didn't see that coming.

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Really nice singletrack on the side of a steep hill.

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Rocks, but not as many as usual.

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This place had some really cool open spots, as soon as the leaves come back this scene is going to be completely different.

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My computer didn't really agree with that picture. Stupid computer, I don't even know what the thing that isn't responding is.

Cut off the top of my track to get the finer topo grid.. Notice the shape, aligned with the glacial movement. Yes, a dork..

the end


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