Mount Rainier

Dave Tarby and I skied/snowboarded mount Rainier (14,410' tallest in WA) on Tuesday. We weren't totally committed to the idea since we only had 2 days for it, but the forecast was so good we decided to do it. Hiked up from the White River campground at 3,400' to camp Sherman at 9,400' by sunset, then slept there for the night and started towards the summit at 6:00am. Reached it by 11:30, hung out for a while and then headed down. Back at the car by 2:30 and drove to Missoula (which was it's own adventure, I'll elaborate later). Had ideal weather (hard to come by there) with almost no wind or clouds. Picture link


jesse parker said…
Nice google slideshow..
Anonymous said…
Once again, WOW!!!!!JP 6 7/8ths,

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