My new car

It's an '84 Mercedes Benz 300SD turbodiesel. It's buring biodiesel now, going to be running on vegetable oil (fryer grease from the local Bennigans) at some point. I might have to sponsor the conversion as a senior design project in the spring. Free labor from students, I should be capitalizing on that one. . . MORE


jesse parker said…
Can't beat free labor.. I need to see it with a bike rack on top stat... does it have a trailer hitch?
jesse parker said…
kara has a set of fuzzy dice.... and a pink feather boa
Anonymous said…
Can you tell me in 100 wds or less how yer gonna do it? Floss
Unknown said…
Sure Floss:

The original diesel engine was actually invented to burn peanut oil and the design hasn't changed much since then. All you have to do to burn vegetable oil is heat it up to around 140 degrees Fahrenheit with hot coolant from the engine so it won't be too thick for the injectors. It actually burns better then regular diesel once it's hot.

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