Taking the Train

So I decided to go on a train ride this weekend. Down to Baltimore to visit Madre who was attending some GI conference (Gastrointestinal, not Galvanized Iron). It was a nice trip down. Knocked out 90 pages of Atlas Shrugged and ate a 5 dollar microwaved cheesburger (to their credit, it was very good for being microwaved). The trip in was pretty uneventful. Trains aren't too bad for transportation, sure beats driving. Too bad no one uses them... I bet they will eventually though. When gas is 5.00 a gallon. But enough of that...

We went to the Baltimore Aquarium for some sort of event, and got to check out a few exhibits. There was a really cool frog exhibit, and a cool shark/ray/tarpon tank. The frogs were the best part though. There was also an Australia exhibit, which was probably also very cool, unfortunately we missed it.

The trip home is where it got interesting. We ended up being three hours late due to an air line bursing in the original engine. We then had to wait for another engine to come get us and pull to the nearest big station. Once at the station, they took off both engines and replaced them with a third engine.

Madness, I say... I'm calling Amtrak tomorrow to get some sort of reimbursement for my valuable time they wasted.. I did get another 110 pages of reading done while waiting. Maybe I should call and thank them. Now only 600 left.


Anonymous said…
If you want to talk about train travel, and you have a couple of hrs to spare, I'll tell you about our trip to MT & AZ via Jacksonville , El Paso, LA, Portland & Whitefish. Fun though. ZZZZZZZZZZ
jesse parker said…
I bet the ride through Whitefish was really pretty... And all the other ones

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