I'm famous!

So if you type jesse parker in yahoo (no quotes) I'm second on the list. If you put it in quotes I'm first. Cool huh?

In windows live search I'm eighth without quotes and 7th with.

As for google, I'm much less popular. The first thing that shows up without quotes if a comment I made on a Matlab site all the way on page six of the search results. The way google ranks depends on how many other sites link to mine, as well as how many sites link to those sites... There are a bunch of equations and stuff here if you care..

If you use quotes, I'm number four.

That's all, back to work..


jesse parker said…
seems I'm also second in "the algorithm" (ask.com)
Unknown said…
you should add some "robots" and "keywords" Meta data to your header
jesse parker said…
good idea, keep the bots happy

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