New Camera

Ok, so I decided I needed to get myself one of those fancy digital SLR cameras like all the cool kids at school have. I went to ebay and bid on a Nikon D40, which is the least expensive out there, and pretty respectable to boot. This particular one was an unused display model so it had no battery charger or lense cap. No problem, a few more minutes on ebay and I had some of those coming for a fairly paltry fee.. I considered my work done and went home to bed.

The next morning I get an email from the guy who I bought the camera from... He accidentally shipped me the wrong camera. Instead of the Nikon, he shipped me a Canon Rebel XTi, or 400d.

Where the Nikon is an excellent value for the money and very capable, this camera is in arguably a different league. The guy asked me to ship the canon back as soon as I got it and he'd have the nikon ready to overnight to me when the canon was back. I asked him if he would consider selling me the canon for a bit more since shipping for him was going to be 60 bucks both ways.. He replied by saying "you lucky day" and telling me to keep it at no charge.. Yippee!!! Now I have a charger and filter for the Nikon I have to sell back to ebay...

So to make a long story short, I got a screamin' deal on this here camera (on left). Less than my compact camera before it. Probably less than stores buy it for.. And that's my story, here are some pictures from it I took this weekend.


Mike said…
After paying $21 to get 24 exposures of B&W printed at a mom&pop camera store this past week (nothing fancy, single print glossies), I started looking at finding a D40.

Film is dead, long live digital.

Lucky dog.
jesse parker said…
Film is dead.. I don't even remember what it was like to limit my shots to a roll of film.. Nothing like taking as many shots as you want and filtering out the junk later..

Get the D40, you won't regret it..
jesse parker said…
Excellent east coast lingo rob... Makes me want to go get a wicked tendah chicken Pahm Grindah..

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