Riding in the Rain

Yesterday I was getting ready for work when I decided to go for a quick ride before beginning the grind. It was pleasantly cool out and breezy. The minute I rode out of the garage it started sprinkling. The advantage of all these trees is the canopy blocks the rain quite nicely. I got a bit wet on my way into the forest, but once under the leaves things were perfect, slightly damp and tacky.

I rode a loop I've probably been on a hundered times before. It's funny, I know every rock and root on that trail but can't seem to remember to brush my teeth in the morning or bring my thermos home after work.. Priorities I guess....

The trail begins with a climb up "horsbarn hill" past the rabies sign.. Good thing I pet this little guy earlier..

Well, I'm not foaming at the mouth so I guess it's ok. After reaching the top of the hill, there's a small farm road that leads into the woods past a cornfield. This is feed corn so I imagine it tastes terrrible, but the ears get so big by the end of the summer I'm always tempted to try one.

Anyways, after the cornfield there's a grassy meadow that leads into the "super secret" entrance. It's not really a secret, but if you don't know where it is you probably won't find it. So I guess that is a secret.. I digress....

Then you enter the woods.

The beginning is fast downhill section with a bunch of rocks and logs and stuff to keep you on your toes. Then a sweeping right turn that has a water bar in the middle of it.. Deadly when wet. After that there's a brief climb and some more logs. The final one has a ramp built over it from our trail building trip.. Pretty sketchy ramp, you have to make sure your weight is way back or you'll endo off the exit portion. After that there's a really rock down followed by a nice up.

After the up the trail turns into a twisty, moderate downhill for about a mile. This is the best part of the trail, fast and curvy with perfect traction. No pictures because it's too damn nice to stop on.

Another quick up,

and a "wicked fast" downhill. Probably the fastest I've gone in this forest.. Again no pictures, but you may recall a video I posted a while ago.. A creek crossing and then you're at the base of the old uconn ski hill.

That's pretty much a terrible picture, but if you look closely you'll see the poles for the hubs that carried the rope tow rope. Riding up this hill is crappier than it looks, just firm and shallow enough it's possible, but loose and steep enough it requires lots of concentration and way too much effort.. When I first arrived here the lift shack on the top was still standing... It collapsed the winter after last and they drug it off into the woods.

I refer to this as "puke hill" not because it's so terrible it makes me puke, but because at the top there is giant piles of horse manure composting. In the beginning of the summer when the hill make my stomach feel funny as it is, this is the last thing I want.. After this, a quick ride puts me back at the office ready to work.. I ended up repeating this in the afternoon as well, I think parts of it are as about as good as a bike trail could get.

The end


jesse parker said…
Thought I'd try words, hope they turned out ok..
Unknown said…
They turned out great and the pictures are beautiful also!!

Anonymous said…
some people roast field corn in the husk over a campfire. Don't expect it to taste like Silver Queen, but it ain't bad. Roastin ears.z
jesse parker said…
I'll have to give that a try. The ears grow to be huge

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