Funny, I forgot what people did when they had free time after work. Last night I went for a bike ride at Case Mountain, a really nice place I should visit more. The first part was a section of trail I haven't ridden before that goes through some hemlock tunnels. These things are creepy, the twisty branches remind me of sleepy hollow or something.. Looks like they want to entwine you and drag you off the trail

Followed by a section that went past some old cabins, there was an old chimney, and this.

Had an interesting mechanical. As I was going over a "roller" (steep thing you roll down, not jump off of) my derrailleur got sucked into my spokes. So, I'm way back on the bike with the seat in front of my chest, butt almost on the tire and my rear wheel locks up. Needless to say, I continue forward when my bike decides it doesn't want to. The result was painful, but somehow I didn't crash. The bike looked a bit off though.

But surprisingly, despite the ridiculous apparent damage, I just replaced a 10 dollar part that's supposed to break so that nothing else does. It's like an engineer was planning on that happening... Oh wait, they were.

The weather was perfect, lower 70's and dry with a bit of a breeze.

Temperature dropped as soon as the sun went down, so It was a quick downhill in the failing light to the car.

That was a good idea..


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