Well, I made it after 12 hours and 5 states yesterday. Left my car at the hostel I was staying at, and then looked around town for some food. Ended up getting some fairly expensive hippy pizza with fresh basil and roasted garlic. Very good, a bit pricy. The town sort of reminds me of a southern version of Missoula. Similar but different, I guess it's the southern thing. Sleeping was decent, shared a room with two guys that didn't snore too much (probably about as much as I did) and I was dead tired from getting up so early anyways. Woke up pretty early and decided to just get ready. Need to find a bike shop to get a new derailleur after last weeks debacle.

I'm going to be happy to sleep outside the next two nights though, weather is sorta drizzly, but warm and seems conducive to sleeping. I'm riding at Dupont StateForest today, and camping at the Pisgah National Forest. Should be fun, I'll have a bunch of pictures and some updates later this week.

Ok, off to the bike shop, then to the trailhead for oatmeal once I take the bike off the back and can acess my camping gear. Have a great next few days!


Anonymous said…
Wow! You're the man,ZZ
jesse parker said…
apparently I can't spell when I'm in a hurry...

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