A bit of time off..

While waiting for the prof to finish editing my thesis I had something I'm not used to: free time. So I started by rebuilding my pedals.. (fun, I know) Just a small thing on the list of things I probably shouldn't do on the coffee table watching a movie. But it went fine, no grease stains on the carpet or other such nonsense.

This was followed by a bike ride at a place I havn't visited for a while. Mansfield hollow is a series of lakes near UConn that can actually be ridden to, but since I had some errands to run, I started at the lakes and went around them. Lots if different types of trail, from a short asphalt section under a foot of water to oak and pine forests. I should probably go out here more. Oh, and no other people on the trail during the 2 hours I was on it. Can't beat that I tell ya..

The ride was timed around the sunset. With a bit of humidity in the air, they are always pretty sweet.

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