Friday started with wating for the mailman to deliver a desperately needed bike part, then fixing my brakes. I spent some extra time making sure they are working properly since I'm going on a lot of faster descents than back in CT. Then I went to Red Rock Canyon open space. It used to be a quarry and almost became a subdivision, but it was saved by the city, and a bunch of trails were put in. Definitely in the desert here, sandy red rocks, yuccas, and some scrubby pine trees. There has been an unusual amount of rain recently too, so the wildflowers were out and blooming again.

I like it here:

Not quite southern Utah desert, but pretty dry:

Used to be a quarry:

After the ride, I went into Manitou Springs to meet up with kara and her work friends at a wine/beer bar slash bookstore. I also got some water out of one of the many soda spring wells dispersed throughout the town..

Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs are rare because they were not originally mining towns, they were destinations because of the soda springs and Pikes Peak.

After a beer and some books, the sun set and we stopped to dairy queen for some dip cones. I remember back when these little guys were less than a buck.. Sheesh, to be old...


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