I Think I Have a Goal

Never been at 14,000 feet before... Rode the first three miles of the Barr Trail which leads to the summit of Pikes Peak. Looks like a doozy, I climbed 2000 of the 7300 vertical feet and didn't feel too bad, of course these were the easy ones. It levels off for a bit and the next steep portion is all between 12,000 and 14,000 feet. I bet that isn't very fun.. I could also lock the bike halfway up and do the rest of the climbing on foot. It's possible to ride to the top, but the last 3 or so miles is pretty much carrying the bike up and then walking it down. Seems like it would be easier to just hike that part.. We'll see.


Unknown said…
you better take the bike to the top. I'm sure you can ride enough of the top to make it worth it.
jesse parker said…
Not so sure thats true, some better riders than me say they shuttled with big bikes and still ended up walking the first 2000 feet for the most part. Hard to take risks out in the middle of nowhere with 5,000 feet of descending below..

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