Made it

Arrived at Colorado Springs Thursday night. Went for some bike rides and hikes, and general exploration of the town and neighborhood. My new address is 3614 Queen Anne Way, CO Springs, CO 80917. Feel free to send cookies and money..

Views aren't so bad either...

I'll write up some day by day's for the road trip when I get around to it, sorting through all the photos I took is enough for now. If you look into my albums, you'll find a bunch of new ones..

Jersey with Grandparents and Dad
Asheville and Pisgah Forest (and a bunch of driving)
Asheville to Indianapolis and Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Tom's place
Indianapolis to Olathe, Kansas and Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry's place
Kansas to Colorado


Unknown said… tires were slashed and I almost crashed, but the Lord had mercy...and my machine shes a dud, I'm stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey...
Pete said…
congrats duder! i may be visiting you sooner than you to you soon.

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