North Cheyenne Canyon

.. Has some nice trail. I rode up the Cheyenne Creek drainage and then down the Bear Creek drainage.

The ride up was on a trail called "7 bridges" gee, I wonder why? The bridges were recently repaired, so they were all ridable. I guess things were a lot more sketchy a year or so ago.

The trail itself was steep and technical, with about 30% hiking. Plus I got lost and ended up on some pretty exposed crappy "trail"

I backtracked and got back on the real trail, which headed up along a reddish scree slope. The terrain here is like nothing I'd seen before. Decomposed reddish pink granite with pines and aspens.

When I stopped to eat I looked over and saw an aspen that had some serious bear markings on it. Pretty cool if you ask me, I parked the bike in front for size comparison.

They were pretty high up, but were also fairly old so I bet the bear wasn't really 10 feet tall.

I even saw a touch of fall:

Even though it's supposed to be 90 on Sunday..


Anonymous said…
Actually, scars on trees don't grow higher. He was that tall.
jesse parker said…
Damn, that's a big 'un then..

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