This lack of constant internet has gotten me lazy with blog updates. So here's what's been going on down south (or west, or whatever). Each picture links to a corresponding album too. Balloons, bikes, camping, and Vegas..

Two weekends ago there was a big hot air balloon festival going on. We managed to miss the launch both saturday and sunday morning (it was 6:45 AM, give us a break) but made it on Monday. It was really cool, never seen more than one hot air balloon from a distance before. I went right up next to the burner of a balloon being inflated. Pretty hot, those burners are.

This weekend also contained a trip to rampart resevior for some biking. It was a really cool spot, with good trails and a weird huge boulder/decomposed granite landscape.

After this, I went to Las Vegas for the IDETC Conference, my last bit of work for my Master's. Well almost last bit... Anyways, on a scale of 1-10 I give Vegas a 2 solely because the fountain at the Bellagio was pretty much awsome. The rest of it was pretty crappy, from the 106 degree temps, lack of drinking fountains anywhere (weird huh?), extremely pushy people shoving hooker calling cards at you all the time, garbage, wastefulness (casinos blasting AC into the street all day and night) and a hundred other things that bother me. Lots of people like it here, I didn't at all.

The conference was pretty cool, I saw a bunch of talks about weird things, and my presentation went quite well. It's funny, 3 years ago speaking in front of 30 strangers was scary. I actually enjoyed it this time.

It's important to wear the right shoes.. Shiny black wingtips preferably

After returning from the desert, we went camping up an old forest service road near "the springs" Nothing like the good ole' days of camping. Drive up a road, pull over, and set up camp. Free fun, if you tell me... The only thing was that the campground was to 10k feet, and it was cold pretty much the entire time. I'm not used to packing for colder weather at altitude.. Good thing we had plenty of fire..

Morning was chilly, a nice down jacket and a hat would of been ideal. Hot coffee helps though.

And fire of course:

On the way back down, we desended through some clouds and were greeted with some pretty sweet views.

I rounded out the weekend with a ride at the local park. I meant to ride a different spot, but forgot my helmet and had to drive home. Oh well, Palmer Park is pretty sweet even without considering the fact it's about 200 yards from home.

So that's the last week for me, can't complain too much. What did you do?


Anonymous said…
Went sailing once in the sneakbox. Fun, didn't leak much. That's a lot for me.

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