Another update, things are pretty good here. Same type of weather, slightly colder nights. It's been cloudy a total of maybe 1.5 days since I've been here.

Did some Camping:

Kara got to try out her new sleeping bag:

Verdict: very warm

Did some voulanteer trail work for the "friends of the peak". Nice group of people, ended up with a t-shirt and a free pass on the pikes peak toll road.

I promise it was worse before!

Made some excellent dinners:

And even drank some little Dr. Peppers:

Then Pete came through on his way to his new job in Seattle, so we went for a bike ride:

Good ride, Pete went on to Fruita and Tahoe, soon he'll join the working class..

I took a bunch of other photos too:


Anonymous said…
I've been waiting for updates. I got spoiled when things were posted so quickly.
jesse parker said…
Looks like we're getting DSL, so things may be up to speed soon...

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