So I have a phone interview for a job this afternoon. Going to spend the rest of the day preparing. I even got a spankin' new haircut.. Well, the haircut was before I knew about this, but whatever.

The 7 year old shirt goes well with the fancy hair right? Kara got a more drastic cut, she's currently enjoying the breeze on the back of her neck.

Last night I went on a ride with a group of people at the local park. I rode a trail I've never seen before, and got to try my hand at action shots a bit. This park has really good riding, I have more pictures of it that I plan on putting up later. Apparently it's dry almost year round too.

Kurt, who bosses engineers around for a living

Shawn, a CNC operator

Alright, now to prepare some answers to common interview questions...


Unknown said…
Good luck with your job interview. Nice haircut!!

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