The highest I've ever been...

Rode to the top of Mt. Baldy yesterday. The elevation at the top was 12,334 feet, about 1,000 feet higher than the second highest I've ever been atop Lone Peak at Big Sky. It was a typical rocky mountain ride with 2.5 hours of climbing and about .5 hours of descending as fast as I was comfortable with.

The aspens around here are towards the end of their days at the higher ups, and about halfway done lower down. They are pretty, but only once color compared to the reds, oranges, and yellows of New England. According to my photography book, the yellow leaves and blue skies complement eachother well, and make for nice color contrast for the pictures. They seem ok to me, but what do I know?

The summit isn't visited much, even though it's only 20 feet shorter than Almagre, the second tallest peak near town. There was a small pile of rocks, so I built this. Should last about 10 days until the next storm.

Where pickups go to die..

Thats Pikes Peak in the back, Almagre (cool name from the Spanish who came up from Mexico before the white men renamed everything after their heroes or the natives they killed off), and Stratton (someones hero) reservoir below.

Fast descent on some rough roller coaster fire road.

On the way down, there was a particularly fast, rocky section that I hit a bit harder than I wanted to. I got a flat tire, and as I was changing it, I found a rubber band used to hold a new tube together. Seems I wasn't the only one who has gotten a flat at this spot..

I took some pictures while waiting for the patch glue to dry..

It was a good ride..


jesse parker said…
that pedal is sort of struggling...
Marshall said…
They like being bashed on rocks, despite what you may think.
jesse parker said…
I think there particularly excited about the bearing caps being ripped off.. Well, cost's 20 bucks for new bearings, and much more for new pedals. I wonder when it's just not worth it anymore?

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