The company was founded in Switzerland, hence the Matterhorn logo..

So I start my new job tomorrow. It's a 6 month temp to possible permanent position working for Synthes, a company that makes surgical implants.

I'll be what's called a manufacturing engineer, which means I'll be "in charge" of a group of a piece of a factory that makes all sorts of bone screws and femoral nails. If machine operators have problems or questions, it's up to me to try and answer/fix them. The factory has about 800 people in it, so I'll be in charge of a fairly small section. The company itself seems really cool, and the people I met and will be working with are pretty cool as well. When the lunch conversation with my boss during the interview turns to the merits of 29" bike wheels I knew it was somewhere I'd like to be.

The location is pretty nice, just north of CO Springs in a town called Monument. And only a mile or two from excellent biking. And everyone I've met so far rides bikes..

I just tried to find out if I had Synthes rods in my back, but the person I needed to talk to was out of the office. I'll update this once I find out.


Mike said…
Congrats, Jesse. I'm just getting some time to read the internet. Hope it goes well.

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