Good News, Bad News

Good: I get my first paycheck this Thursday

Bad: My clutch finally crapped out, and I need to use most of said paycheck to get a new one..


Anonymous said…
Good: Your car will be fixed.
Bad: Cars produce CO2.
Good: Your car doesn't make much.
Bad:It still all adds up.
Good: Not in my lifetime.
Bad: In yours!
Unknown said…
tmt kind of sounds like tmnt which means teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Come on, sack up and ride your bike to work. What would that be, leaving at 5 or so?

jesse parker said…
I think it's around 25 miles of steady climbing... Maybe sometime, not yet..
Ian said…
i have found similar problems. once you have real paycheck, it seems like a lot more of that paycheck is gone for "real-life" associated costs than when you can roll out of bed at noon and ride your bike to school for 3 hours of work.
jesse parker said…
I think Alan had a sticker on his bike that said it best.. "I work to afford a car so I can drive to work" or something a bit more eloquent...

Yeah, bigger paycheck, more stuff to pay for.. Though I seem to enjoy doing something a bit more useful with my time than I felt grad school was.

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