Out East

We went to Kara's hometown this Christmas to spend some time catching up with old friends and family and such. It was a good time, winter on New England is quite pretty, bare trees and white snow look pretty good together in my opinion.

The obligatory airplane wing shot:

These were all taken with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, a Christmas present from my parents. It's a pretty cool lens, really sharp and has a wide aperture for shots in low light and shallow depth of focus.

Kara got to spend some time with her old friend Misha:

And some time with mom:

Explored an old haunt of mine:

A bit of real scrabble:

And a happy new year to all!


Mike said…
I have always wanted a 50mm for some real low-light stuff. Looks like it does nice work.
karanoelle said…
Nice summary of our Connecticut Christmas/Birthday.Err..you forgot to note that it was my birthday.
jesse parker said…
I'll add that, when I was talking about christmas I wasn't talking about Christ's birthday... Of course that's not obvious to anyone else.

Mike: the 50 is fun, very small and light too

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