Intellectual Property

So in undergrad I thought it was cool when Professor Robb Larsen was talking about working on stealth technology for Grummen or something. He said he couldn't talk to anyone about what he did, and for the most part still can't.

At Synthes I signed a nondisclosure agreement before I even walked in for the interview. That means no cameras, no sharing anything that hasn't been "authorized" for the public, blah blah. Granted some of the things that go on in there are pretty proprietary and the result of 25 years of perfecting a method, but I don't think it's very cool now that I'm working in a place that does things I can't share. It's nothing like Grummen, I just wish I could take pictures of the cool machines and robots I work with. Or explain how something is made. Oh well, I can think of only a few people who would really care about that sort of thing anyways.

I spent all last week learning a new type of programming for automated machines, modifying some parts to a machine, and and creating a new process for grinding a trocar point on a 4.5mm stainless steel bone screw that looks about as mean as any screw I've ever seen. I found a stock photo for a competitors screw. Mine looks like that, but shinier and better..

It was a lot of fun; I learned new stuff, got to build things, play with controllers, test stuff. You know, real engineer type things. I'm glad I still enjoy what chose to do for a living a million years ago when I started going to school.

That is the whole point right? Get it, point? Hahahahahahahahah

Now to go cook some delicious bacon..


jesse parker said…
Bacon is good with real syrup and Tapatio
Anonymous said…
Nice to hear that you enjoy your job. That makes it easier. Also good to see you are partaking of one of the perks of working, bacon. Your brother John is not having bacon today.
karanoelle said…
mmm....bringing home the bacon = eating the bacon.
ESG said…
Hey Jesse! I'm one of those people who would care. My thought is that you should tell me what goes on there someday when I come out and visit! That's right, I haven't forgotten about you even though we didn't get enough time to hang out when we were living together due to that silly school thing (sad face). So stop falling apart and check out my website again, I broke down and got internet at my place. You should link my photos on your page, there are bunches of Pete and I in Europe, skip to about page 60 to see the pictures of climbing in the Dolomites!!! The most other-worldly place I have ever been for sure. Anyway, say hi sometime. Hell, even if it's been 10 years I'd still be pretty siked. Even if you showed up at my door and slept on my couch for a few months (or vice versa?) File that for later...
jesse parker said…
Consider the links added. I tried to find your site the other day and couldn't. Apparently there are too many Eric Greene's out there..

We even have an air mattress to sleep on here if you want.. I

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