An Update: falling apart?

After a few weeks of work I started to develop some new aches and pains. I started to get some sciatic pain in my legs, and my right hand went slightly numb. The sciatica was new, and the hand was from a snowboarding injury at Lost Trail Pass 8 years ago. The little tip of the coller bone protruding past the shoulder joint is bent down from breaking it, and causing pressure on the nerve going into my hand. Despite the fact it's scary nerve stuff, I've been able to control it with some stretching and a bit of shoulder exercise. I actually went to PT for this before, so I just remembered some of the exercises I did then. Now it's mostly gone.

The sciatica also went away with the addition of some stretches and changing my posture. Apparently I slouch when I walk. Of course me slouching looks the same as me walking upright, but it affected my back nonetheless. So new posture and strtching has pretty much made that go away too. My low back also feels better from the stretching and such. I guess this is the point in my life where maintenance becomes necessary..

Has been pretty good so far.. Saturday was spent being exceedingly lazy, it's sort of nice to feel accomplished enough during the week to just hang out and do very little. I did my stretches though...

Sunday began with a bike ride at Palmer, and is going to end with watching the Pats win the super bowl and end up with a perfect season. Being a semi New Englandite, I think it's my duty..

Took a camera and a thermos of coffee on the ride. It was colder than last week, and the trail was in better shape since the mud and slush was frozen. Had a cup of coffee at the overlook, took some photos, and went home with some mildly cold toes.

Stitched some photos together with the new Photoshop. Worked really well in my opinion. Click on it for a big one:

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Unknown said…
Funny that you mention falling apart. I'm doing PT on both of my shoulders now because it's hard to sleep on either one. . .
Anonymous said…
Sounds like deja vu all over again.GPZ
Anonymous said…
Funny, I'm doing PT on my shoulder too. Sorry the Patsies couldn't get it done.
Unknown said…

It's true. 46 out of 50 states were happy to see the pats lose.

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