The Digital Age

Remember the days when you had to call people to order a pizza?

We just ordered a pizza from Dominos through the internet and I'm currently watching it's progress to our door. First Dustin started prepping the order..

Then he put the sucker in the oven. Four minutes for prep, I could do it in 1 back in the day.. (just sayin', his is probably better)

Then Adam got it on the road:

And then we both made ourselves ill eating it..

Now this certainly doesn't help the constantly expanding waistline of the average American, but it certainly is cool... Word on the street is they're experimenting with adding GPS to the drivers so you can track the pizza in real time..


Mike said…
The only downside is that if they put GPS on the drivers, it will be obvious to their employers when the drivers come in and have a beer with the college students who ordered the pie.

Thanks for this, Jesse.
jesse parker said…
True., it did take him 10 minutes to drive about half a mile..

I'm glad you liked it Mike..
Unknown said…
what's on that thing? looks good enough to eat. . .
jesse parker said…
sausage, pepperoni, bacon, mozzarella, provolone, jalapeƱos, green peppers.. oh, and Canadian bacon

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