New Years Resolutions

Ok, so two of these were unscrupulously copied but here goes.  The seem pretty enviro-hippy, but I suppose that's just the way it is.

1.  Don't throw away any aluminum cans..  None.  (aluminum is way harder to make from Bauxite than to recycle)  it takes around 5% of the energy to recycle than to make new.  Not to mention the strip mining in Australia and China needed to acquire bauxite.  Most other recycling generally converts things to lower grades (plastics, glass, etc.)  Not so with aluminum, this stuff should all be recycled.  Just another case of all the infrastructure and public mindset getting in the way of some serious savings.

2.  Don't shop at Wal-Mart.  Nothing against those who do, but I'll try and buy local instead.  Most everything there is made overseas, and I don't want to give overseas any more money than I have to.  If we truly want to boost our economy and help our country we should buy as much stuff as we can that's made here.  If someone spends their stimulus check at a place like Wal-mart, less than half of it actually helps stimulate.  

3.  Avoid using any disposable silverware or plates.  If I do, I will reuse it at least twice or more if it holds up.  It amazes me how lazy some people can be and use this stuff all the time.  If only it wasn't so cheap, people might think twice before they blatantly add to the worlds trash heaps because they don't want to go through the trouble of reusing or washing dishes.

That's it for now, I'll post some pictures from my trip to Arizona next.


Mike said…
JP, it looks like a good plan. In reference to your recycled aluminum being as good as brand new aluminum, I was once told by an old Boeing technical expert that the recycled aluminum used in soda cans was of a higher quality (purer) than the aluminum we use in building airplane parts. That either says a lot about the aluminum recycling process, or cast quite a shadow on the airplane manufacturing business!

Happy New Year!
Chaybo said…
fantastic new years resolutions Jesse.

i'm amazed at the amount of plastic crap that fills our world. And to think they even make bikes out of that shit ; )

happy new years !
jesse parker said…
Thanks Chad, happy new years to you too.

Mike, I wonder if the recycling process allows further purification.. Or if food grade AL is normally better than aerospace grade.
Anonymous said…
I'm going with the aluminun cans, NOOOO bottled water, and staying away from plastic "silverware", and disposable plates and cups. I'll have to carry a fork around to be ready.

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