Lately it seems things aren't going so well for me. My back hurts, my hands and feet are tingling at random times due to some unknown nerve problem, and then I go and break my wrist... I was starting to get bitter at all the healthy people around me who don't even know what it's like to hurt constantly. People who go on abusing their body with grease and television while I do the best I know how to my body and repeatedly get the short end of the stick.

Then I find out this morning that a friend I've been on a few rides with and some generally great fun with died last night in his sleep. A mid-late 30's friend who rode more than anyone I know, and was apparently one of the healthiest people I've had the pleasure to hang out with. Cause of death, unknown but natural. This person, this picture of what I was starting to get frustrated seeing is now gone.. forever.

It's quite the reality check when you are put back into the realization that you could be gone in the next minute and there is nothing you can do about it.

So I'm not bitter anymore..


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