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Well, the surgery went just fine.  I was hoping I'd be awake for it but apparently the Versed and the other drug they gave me just put me to sleep during the half hour operation.   They gave me a nerve block so my arm was completely dead and I could of been awake if I wanted.  Whatever, it was over before I knew it and I was on my way home shortly after I woke up.

The nerve block was wicked weird, it was like I was touching someone else's hand.  Felt like John's hand actually.  I'd take it out of the sling and it would just flop around like it was dead.  That wore off by around 4 last night and I took a coupla vicadin to fend off the pain.  I haven't had anything since, and it's starting to ache a bit as I use it for typing.  I'll probably just take some ibuprofen and save the good stuff for sleeping.  Doctors apt on the first of June, until then I'm back to showering with a bag on my hand.

The doctor made me a copy of the fluoroscope stills, we'd talked about the screw he was going to use and he made me a copy because he knew I'd be asking for one.  I ended up with a 22mm long one.  02.226.122 to be exact.  I'm going to try and get a sample of that exact screw from my friends in product development as a souvenir.  Pictures in the album below, I'll have more later once I get the digital files from the doctor.

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Rob & Sarah said…
Versed is a short acting benzo. You might have been awake for the surgery, but just don't remember it. You're tough if you are just saving Vicoden for sleeping. I've seen people get Percocet for dental procedures... Wussies...

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