So I had a pretty significant surgery last Wed. removing hardware from my spine that had been used to correct kyphosis 9 years ago. It was time to take it out as the bottom two hooks were loose and probably contributing to my chronic pain and one of the rods was even broken. The procedure was a sucess and lasted about 4 hours. The surgean said the entire thing had bone grown over it and removing it was akin to "removing rebar from concrete". They are too bent up and stripped to put back to the way there were inside me, but I did play around mounting the hooks and things on the bars. Maybe some kind of windchime?

So I'm a little sore, and plan on being that way for another month or so.

It really is pretty crazy to think that all that crap (15oz of it) was attatched to my spine for the last 9 years and I've been able to do what I do. Modern medicine kicks ass.
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Mike said…
I would definitely build a paperweight out of it. Talk about an interesting desk decoration. Hope you'll be able to enjoy the snow this year, and that your healing/reading/interweb surfing are going well.
gregb406 said…
John told me about your back and hardware years ago. You were an inspiration when I had to have a single level fusion. Heal well and fast, Jesse.

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