So I feel like we should write down our experiences somewhere as we moved to and are now experiencing all the things associated with someone from America heading to Germany. Here's two of the first things that came to mind, more to come!

First of all:

Things here are less expensive. 

Seriously, it costs 2.50 euro for a beer at a restarurant. When was the last time you spent that much on a beer in the states, and how dirty was the floor of the random dive bar you did it at? This is everywhere, it's expensive if it's over 3 euros. No wonder so many more people are out and about in the evening having a Beir or s Spritz or something, because they can afford to. I love american IPAs, don't get me wrong. But I'd leave the brewery having spent 20 dollars on two beers plus tips.

The German Barbershop experence is intense. 

With all the things going on before we left, I never went for a last haircut. Fortunately the German "Barbershop" scene is trending, and there were two Barbershops within a few minutes walking from the apartment.

  1. Weird thread thing to pull all the little hairs off your face. I guess this is called "threading", and is normal?
  2. Sweet beard trim, probably the first time I haven't just run clippers with a guard through it
  3. Crazy q-tips covered in wax to pull all the hair out of your nose.. Ouch! and gross
  4. Straight razor trims all around
  5. Crazy burning candle thing to burn the hair off your ears. No way this shit would fly in the States!

It was pretty cool.


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